3 secrets to successfully market your business
September 18, 2021
two women looking over an ipad

Marketing is vital for your business to bring you new leads. Everyone should have a marketing strategy that is organic and simple. Don’t have one? Follow my 3 ways to market your business.

Secret 1: Branding

Everyone, including you, has a personal brand whether you know it or not. It’s important to be authentic and real with your personal brand. It shouldn’t feel like you’re putting an act on. If you’re faking it with your brand then people are going to see right through that and not engage with you.

While branding does include the use of graphics, color pallets, logos, and much more, you should focus on establishing your values, beliefs, and messaging. It’s vital to spend time discovering your personal brand because that’s how your customers are going to have a deeper connection with you.


Secret 2: Spend less time on Instagram and more time on Email Marketing

Not many know the benefits of email marketing and that the fact it has much higher conversion rates than Instagram. I’ll cover just 3 reasons on why email marketing is so powerful and better than any other social media platform.

  • Email is very personal. It’s the first thing people check. Emails are your clients personal hub, for their network where they socialize with work, colleagues, and friends. Your clients decided that they would let you into their very busy lives and consider taking you up on your offer. With that being said, don’t spam. Provide value.
  • The analytics on email is much richer than any other platform. You’ll learn a lot more about your customers demographics, engagement, and their needs. With better data, you’ll create better sales funnels.
  • You have more control over the conversation. Instead of risking your customers becoming distracted by other profiles and posts on Instagram. They will have less distractions in email.

When you do email marketing right, you’ll start to have a stronger relationship with your customers.

Secret 3: Have an established and engaging social media page

Notice, how I encourage you to focus less on social media and more on email. Social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok are where you can bring awareness to your services. That’s the entry point to your sales funnel. It’s in your email marketing where you close the sale.

The key is to first get email marketing down and dedicate a significant amount of time for your email as much as you do for your social media pages.

  • Tik Tok has massive growth potentials. I strongly believe that all businesses that want to thrive need to be posting short form video content.
  • It doesn’t matter which platform you use, there are certain benefits to each. But what’s most important is the content itself