A custom 8-page blog on spirituality, manifestation, and mindset. 

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The Brief

In January 2022,  I partner up with Manauia to 1) design and develop a blog  2) create a strong content-management-system. 

One of the challenges for Manauia is that she had an idea in mind for her blog design but there was still a lot unknown. To solve this we’ve spent weeks researching, mood boarding, and prototyping until we finally found a design that aligned with her vision. 


Blogging, Spirituality 


Los Angeles


Web Design 
Web Development


The Approach

We decided to move forward with an 8-page website. Some of the features included on the website are 1) a robust Content-Management-System (CMS) that will allow users to find her website organically, 2) provide additional trainings on how to properly use the blog


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Jaredd did a superb job. Always so cooperative and communicative!! If there was anything I wanted to change, she immediately started working on it and asked for my feedback before finalizing anything. We met weekly and during those meetings, she went into depth about everything that was worked on/added to the blog. Any questions I had, she had answers for.”

Manauia Garlez

CEO, ManauiaWrites

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