Sol Cafe Victorian Poster


Final Design:

final jf victorian poster 1 3

Victorian Era Design (1819-1901)

The Victorian Era was known for its ornament design, gothic architecture, and the rise of chromolithography. As printers were getting more efficient in printing advertisements and papers, the design industry started to rapidly change. During this era, designers were focused on filling out the entire page with type. There was no such thing as white space. They also were encouraged to use many different typefaces. For this poster design, I was intentional in leaving little to no typeface to create an authentic Victorian Era Design.

I used multiple different typefaces and different sizes. My ornaments were carefully designed to resemble plants or the sun to go along with the brand.

Sol Cafe

I created a mock-up restaurant named Sol Cafe. I created a Guatemalan cafe that serves 100% plant-based food and also sells plants. The name Sol Cafe means Sun Coffee In English. The slogan for the coffee shop is “Food For Your Soul.” This is supposed to communicate how earthy their food is and how it is delicious it is for your soul.

Rough Sketches

50 Sketches Sol Cafe 1

Sol Cafe Sketch 1 1







Sol Cafe Sketch 2 1


These were my rough sketches. I first created 30 rough sketches of the design layout. After I settled on 2 layouts and created a better rough draft. I settled on the sketch with SOL CAFE on the top of the poster because I believe that the layout is much stronger than the other one.



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October 6, 2023

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