Top 5 Website Mistakes Your Small Business Website Has
January 8, 2023

5 website mistakes that your small business website is making

Here are 5 website mistakes that are costing your small business money! These 5 website mistakes are consequently making Google rank your site lower, and making users leave your website faster due to poor design. Start increasing your conversion by fixing these mistakes today! Here are the website mistakes you might be making:

  1. Your website doesn’t have a clear call to action
  2. Your website navigation menu is confusing or lacks one
  3. Your website is not accessible across multiple devices
  4. Your website doesn’t have important information easily accessible
  5. Your website doesn’t have a lead magnet

 1. Your website doesn’t have a clear call to action.

Over 50% of small business websites don’t have a button on their website. This means you’ll are losing out of potential leads every day. Instead, you want to have big bold beautiful buttons on the website. And those buttons should be repeated throughout the entire website. What type of action do you want your customers to take? Ex: If your goal is to book more clients for a service then you want to have “book a call”.

2. Your website navigation menu is confusing or lacks one.

If users are having a hard time trying to browse through your website then people are going to instantly leave. This consequently will make your users leave your website faster which will consequently lead Google to lower your rankings. Jakob’s law defines: “Users spend most of their time on other sites. This means that users prefer your site to work the same way as all the other sites they already know.” So don’t try to reinvent the wheel by being “trendy” and “unique.” Sometimes beautiful web design isn’t the most fully functional design. Great example, swap out your mobile menu out of your desktop. This is one of the most trendy menus for a desktop view which is not the greatest user experience.

3. Not accessible across all screen devices.

In 2022, 49% of total web visits are from mobile devices versus 50.22% coming from desktops. My prediction is that this number will only continue to rise. This means it’s incredibly important for small businesses websites should be mobile-friendly. Not to mention Google will also dock points if your website is not mobile user-friendly. Check if your website is mobile-friendly with a Google usability test here.

4. Important information is not easily accessible.

A mistake that many small business websites make the important information to do business with you incredibly hard to find or time-wasting. For Example, if you’re a local restaurant, it must be easy to find your address, menu, and order system. If you are making users go to different web pages to find this information then your conversion rates may be down. To be clear, it’s beneficial for your website to have multiple web pages that separate this information. However, you would also want this information to be featured on the homepage so users can find what they are looking for more easily.  Local Businesses should have these types of information on the home page and menu.

5. You don’t have a lead magnet on your website.

The reason why your website isn’t generating new leads for you is that you aren’t offering something valuable for your visitors to leave their email with you. It’s very unlikely for someone to subscribe to your newsletter nowadays without an incentive. A great strategy is to have a free guide, video training, or checklist that your ideal customer will find extremely valuable. So they must exchange their email in order to download it. Once they download it, their email is now in your email list and you can send them at least 3-5 automated emails that will build their trust to do business with you.